The "Raves"

"His gift is musicianship on the most rarefied level. Here is a young man with exceptional vitality, great warmth and the soundest musical intuition."

Chicago Sun-Times


" ... a performance that revealed a formidable technique, a keen ear for color and an unusual maturity of interpretation."

Chicago Tribune


"The Brazilian pianist quietly defied any stereotypes of the flashy, interpretatively shallow prize winner. Feghali proved himself to be an eloquent, deeply personal musician."

Los Angeles Herald Examiner


"Josť Feghali ... had us enthralled to the last with a performance that possessed the remarkable combination of power and sensitivity"

Daily Telegraph, London


"In the Mozart ... he placed himself firmly in the mould of Perahia with his elegant understatement of the first two movements, gauging the movements' teasing ambivalence perfectly."

The Times, London


"Josť Feghali commanded all the power and poetry the music needed. The deepest and most lasting impression was made not by muscle, but by imagination, the exquisite use of tempo rubato and the clarity of phrasing."

Washington Post


"The performance was seismic. What resulted was thinking, action and exhilaration that left one profoundly grateful to have been in the audience."

Dallas Morning News


"Feghali announced, via the bold opening electricity of Beethoven's "Waldstein" Sonata, his intention to take on the musical, emotional and physical hurdles of this repertoire with no holds barred."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram